Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teresa's Triathalon

WOW what a turn out! And this isn't even everyone. some girls in our neighborhood got excited about doing this triathalon and they coerced some of us into joining them. And now I say, THANKS GOR GETTING ME INVOLVED. We had such a great time! Just call us the Pink Ladies.
Here I go getting ready. YIKES! I had a flat tire but luckily noticed it before the race started. They had a special van there with all the equipment to help people with problems and they fixed me up really quick.
They wrote our number on our arm and our age on the back of our leg.
The swim was first - and now I'm ready to go. I've got some of my best fans right here with me. Curtis and Danny. (Tyler had a previous committment so couldn't be there.)
Pretending not to be nervous.
Here I go.......... Swimming is my weakest link. I discovered quickly that I run faster in the water than I swim. Sad but true. Whenever I could reach the bottom, I would run as fast as I could and I would start to lap people. Then it would get deep so I had to swim and I would fall behind. When I could reach again I would stand up and run. Disgraceful - but still fun!

Biking comes next. Hurry, hurry...............

A few of my friends: Sara, Kristalyn, Jenny

I had some good friends come to cheer me on. Here is Lisa and a couple of my sisters came; Kathleen and Roseanne with Brian and their family. Thanks for the support.

Monday, May 12, 2008


We got to go visit Thanksgiving point with Grandma and Grandpa Harding and Aunt Hazel and Uncle Doyle.

This place is so beautiful. We feel it is so important for our boys to be well rounded. We try to help our boys have a little bit of culture, a little bit of beauty in their lives - so we bring them here to see the flowers and the amazing landscape. And this is what we get...

We had a great time............just not what we had in mind. they're behaving for a minute. But don't let that fool you.

Everything is more fun with Grandma and Grandpa Harding.

Tyler loves his grandma.

Koi in the pond.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cruise to Western Carribean

We went with our amazing and dear friends, Dave and Heather. We've been waiting to do this for a looooong time. Woohooo!!!

Off we fly to Puerto Rico. We went to a rain forest there and it was absolutely amazing.

Roger is 6'5" and just check out those leaves. Heather, our on site photographer, brought her new (sweet! I might add) professional camera and was trying it out. She's one of the best photographers I've seen. Check out her work at It's unbelievable.

I always love hangin' with Heather.......

AND my best friend Roger

These are examples of how we found our towels at the end of each day in our room. When we left our sunglasses laying around in our room, housekeeping used them to help decorate.

We made a new friend! He let us take turns driving his boat and he was a wonderful tour director. He was awesome.
Dave................he was always discovering the highest most dangerous places he could find at any given moment - and going to them. We enjoyed taking pictures of it.

It's a guy thing.

Teresa gets to drive too.

Heather somehow always manages to find the most comfy and relaxing place to sit or be or live. Even when she takes the last available seat. How DOES she do it?
And we all had a great time jumping off the boat into the gorgeous Carribean waters.

The 'Sulfur Island' was beautiful and stinky. This is one of those spots where you go see it - and you leave quickly.
This guy with the dreads was awesome!! He had the best hair I saw the entire trip. Just check it out. I told him I had to get a picture of him because my son Curtis would be so jealous!!!

.....And the flowers.....oh the flowers..........fabulous.

This was our favorite DINNER.

We ate and ate and ate. I cannot believe how much we ate (okay, how much I ate). It was absolutely disgusting. I don't think I've ever eaten like that in my life. That dessert we're holding is called 'chocolate melting cake'. We could not get enough of it!! We had the same server each night and she quickly learned how many of those we would order each night. This night she brought us 10 without us even asking.

This was my favorite spot on the entire ship. It' guessed ice cream machine. It was open 24/7 and you could find me there at least 2 or 3 times a day. The ship had these ice cream machines all over the ship and I, yes I myself, found the one that had the best ice cream. I was willing to go from one end of the ship to the other just to get the 'good' ice cream. I was in heaven.

Okay, so I wasn't the only one who ate a ton. Mounsieur, your mustache is crooked.

AAAUUUWWW! That's my man.

The stingrays, the turtles, the monkeys. We loved it all. I especially loved the monkeys. Monkeys are my favorite. I've collected stuffed monkeys for years so this was a real treat.

We started taking pictures of 'true love'....................

And then we started getting carried away - we were laughing and posing.....Heather and I were having such a good time.
Oh the choreography!! Just LOOK at those lines!
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up.
The the guys started making fun of us with their 'posing'........they were much funnier than us. They were hilarious!
AND MY FAVORITES...............

We had such a blast with Dave and Heather. Let's do it again!