Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teresa's Triathalon

WOW what a turn out! And this isn't even everyone. some girls in our neighborhood got excited about doing this triathalon and they coerced some of us into joining them. And now I say, THANKS GOR GETTING ME INVOLVED. We had such a great time! Just call us the Pink Ladies.
Here I go getting ready. YIKES! I had a flat tire but luckily noticed it before the race started. They had a special van there with all the equipment to help people with problems and they fixed me up really quick.
They wrote our number on our arm and our age on the back of our leg.
The swim was first - and now I'm ready to go. I've got some of my best fans right here with me. Curtis and Danny. (Tyler had a previous committment so couldn't be there.)
Pretending not to be nervous.
Here I go.......... Swimming is my weakest link. I discovered quickly that I run faster in the water than I swim. Sad but true. Whenever I could reach the bottom, I would run as fast as I could and I would start to lap people. Then it would get deep so I had to swim and I would fall behind. When I could reach again I would stand up and run. Disgraceful - but still fun!

Biking comes next. Hurry, hurry...............

A few of my friends: Sara, Kristalyn, Jenny

I had some good friends come to cheer me on. Here is Lisa and a couple of my sisters came; Kathleen and Roseanne with Brian and their family. Thanks for the support.